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asoke-road-300x216Common Attitudes of Drivers on Bangkok Roads


On Bangkok roads, you are bound to encounter common attitudes of drivers in the city. This write-up highlights some of the common attitudes of Bangkok drivers, they include the following;
1. Bangkok drivers are known to flash their car headlights when they want to make a U-turn or while driving. In Bangkok, flashing a headlight means the driver would like to go first. This is in contrast to the usual polite gesture on the road in which drivers flash their car headlights to let you go first.
2. Expect to see anything or anyone crossing the roads in the city of Bangkok, this also includes the highways. Asides people, dogs, snakes, lizards, and cows have been spotted crossing the roads in the city.
3. In the city of Bangkok, drivers don’t have to give way to people driving from the left part of the road except there is a stop sign. Drivers sometimes give way when they are driving on minor roads in the city.
4. Regardless of the color of the traffic light, you can always turn left. However this free turn isn’t allowed on every road, if the traffic light has an arrow light, it is best to wait till the light turns green.
5. Most of the people in the city of Bangkok are known to drive on the wrong side of the road. On highways with a divider strip, it is common to find people driving on the wrong side of the road. Both cars and motorbikes do this with caution by switching on their warning light or head lights.
It’s important for foreigners that are interested in enlisting car hire Bangkok or car rental Bangkok services to get acquainted with these attitudes. It’ll make it a lot easier to cope with driving on Bangkok roads.

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