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drivingFacts about Driving In Bangkok


Bangkok is known all over the globe for its huge traffic on almost every road except the express roads. The city is always congested with traffic and this can make it difficult for foreign drivers to drive in the city. Most Bangkok drivers rarely use horns, they are generally courteous when driving on the road. The direction of traffic, exit and entry locations tend to change during the day in the city. Some of these changes are rarely given as cues to drivers, and if at all there are signs it will not be in English language. Thus, foreign drivers are likely to get lost or miss their way in Bangkok due to the effect of strategies used to enforce the flow of traffic. However, there are a number of expressways in Bangkok that makes exit and entry into the city an easy task for foreign drivers. Important facts that foreigners must bear in mind while driving in Bangkok include the following;

1. The maximum speed limit within the city is 60km/h while the speed limit on the expressways ranges from 90 km/h to 120km/h. Police officers check car drivers frequently for their speed limit.

2. It is mandatory to always put on your seat belts, there are also drinking and driving laws in Bangkok.

3. To drive in Bangkok, you must have a valid national or international driver’s license. The international license or permit must be translated to English. The driver must be at least 21years old.

4. Drivers are required to drive at the left hand side of the road.

Foreigners are advised to either get a guide after enlisting car rental Bangkok services or rent a car with a driver at any car rental Bangkok company during their stay to aid easy navigation in the city.

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