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hiring-car-bangkok-tipsHiring a Car in Bangkok – Important Tips


Foreigners that are interested in driving can enlist the services of any car hire in Bangkok. It is quite easy for foreigners to hire a car in the city. Foreigners that don’t want to drive can hire a chauffeur with the car. It is often better to hire a chauffeur to enjoy a hitch free cruise on the roads in the city. However, it is important to bear some tips in mind before heading to a car rental in Bangkok. Some of these tips include the following;

  1. You must have a valid license to hire a car in Bangkok. Other documents that might be requested for include an international permit to drive, and international passport. Most often a translated copy of the permit to English is requested for at the car hire in Bangkok. This permit can be requested for at your home country prior to visiting Bangkok.
  2. There is an age requirement that you must meet up with before you are allowed to hire a car in Bangkok (minimum age requirement is 21).If you are below the age required, you will have to consider hiring a chauffeured driven vehicle.
  3. You must bear in mind that not all drivers in Bangkok speak in English. It is advised you specify to the care hire in Bangkok that you want a driver you can communicate with. Better still you can enlist the services of a tour guide that can assist with both translation and navigation in Bangkok.
  4. You should make plans for feeding and accommodating your driver, the driver should also be tipped accordingly.
  5. There is no fixed car hire Bangkok price, the cost for hire depends on the location in Bangkok. A 7% tax rate is often added to the price charged. Payment can be made with credit cards or by cash deposit.

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