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Pattaya Rental Car Trip Destination Ideas – Si Racha


Pattaya is arguably one of the most popular cities in Thailand, enjoying thousands of visits from tourists and expatriates per year. It is located on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand and sees millions of dollars in revenue from its restaurants, attractions and nightlife. The city is definitely a sight to behold. Individuals living in Pattaya may wish for a different place to go to during their weekend. Why not visit the Si Racha District? It is a short distance from Pattaya and has several attractions worthy of a visit. Read on to find out what charms Sri Racha holds!


seafoodThe seafood is a must-try

The seafood in Si Racha is a definite must-try. Freshly caught from the sea nearby, it is paired with a very spicy chili sauce called Nam Prik Sri Racha. This chili sauce is generally termed as Sriracha and it quickly rose to popularity all over the world due to its spiciness and its ability to pair well with many food items. Sri-racha is made from chili and vinegar. The district is also named after the chili sauce!


Admire the majesty of the Bengal tigers

Locals, expats and tourists should definitely visit the Sri Racha Tiger Zoo in Si Racha. This zoo holds one of the world’s largest collections of Bengal tigers and often includes scheduled tiger shows and events in its amphitheatre.


Relax at Bang Phra’s reservoir

This reservoir is open for public usage and it also happens to be a popular tourist attraction due to the presence of many different kinds of birds. Do not be alarmed if you see bird-watchers running in the reservoir and climbing rocks just to get a clear shot of the bird they spent so long, looking for!


Khao Khew Open ZooVisit the Khao Khew Open Zoo

This zoo has over 8000 animals and is globally known for its responsible animal management. The zoo is termed as a wildlife bank, as many of the animals in the zoo are endangered and precious. Such animals on this list include the Asian wild dog and the Malayan Tapir. The zoo also contains an aviary that draws bird-watchers and enthusiasts from all over the world, who are curious and interested to get a glance at its magnificent birds. Endangered bird species such as White Crested Laughing Thrush can also be seen flying around in the zoo.


Si Racha is a short distance from Pattaya and it is not advisable to travel to Si Racha by foot or by public transport. Renting a car or a SUV is a much better option as it gives you the flexibility and comfort in the form of an affordable package!

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