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Tourist Spots in Bangkok


Bangkok is a well-known cosmopolitan city; tourists visit frequently to explore its beautiful attractions. There are many tourist attraction sites in the city of Bangkok. Some of the popular tourist sites include Wat Pho, Chao Phraya River, Wat Phra Kaaew, and the Grand palace. Bangkok is only one and a half hours drive from Pattaya with great highway connections which makes it easy to drive there by your self.


For those that love shopping, spots such as Chatuchak market and China town are good shopping sites for tourists. Weekend shopping in Chatuchak market can be quite fun for tourists; you get to explore and shop for unique souvenirs in the market. Asides souvenirs, there are other unique stuffs to shop for in the market. Amazing spots for shopping on a weekday in Bangkok include Sampaeng Lane, Emporium Mall, Paragon Mall, amongst others.


Tourists can also explore the unique delicacies of Bangkok street food; Bangkok is known for its tasty street dinner. Bangkok street food is available at different spots in different neighborhoods. Top street food spots in Bangkok include Victory Monument (a.k.a. Victory point), Yawolat (China Town), amongst others. If you prefer to give yourself and loved ones an exquisite dinner treat, then you should visit some of the top restaurants in the city. It will definitely be a moment to relish.


However, to explore the different tourist sites in the city you need a form of transportation; which is why tourists enlist the services of car rental Pattaya services. While some foreigners prefer to drive themselves around the city, others prefer to rent a chauffeured driven vehicle.


Car hire Pattaya services provide responsible drivers to tourists; this relieves the burden about navigations or legal documents required for driving; in fact some drivers might show you cool spots that will make your trip memorable.

Car rental Pattaya services are dependable and reliable.

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